Silver Mountain


Water should be turned on this week in the subdivision. The ditch is full and our water holding tank is being filled at this time. The reason our water is on a couple days later than surrounding neighborhoods is to allow our subdivisions water tank to fill up and have water flow through it to reduce the mud and silt build up. If you all recall last year, we had pressure issues with the pump for the first week or two due to mud build up in the pump filters. This was due to us turning the pump on without letting any mud or silt settle or flush through the water holding tank. This can cause major wear on the pump. Letting the water flow through our tank and settle will reduce the mud and silt pulled into pump. This will hopefully help us avoid pressure issues and unnecessary wear and tear on the pump. I will update everyone when we have a solid date for water to be on. Thank you all for your patience.

HOA Contact Information:  [email protected] 
or 970-243-7375.

Please contact the office to get your account number in order to register for an account with Paylease, this same information is also on your invoice it is the t000 specific to your account.  Please know there are fees associated with paying online and that you may continue mailing in your payment at no cost if you would like. If you have or previously have had an account with Paylease, you may need to call them to update your account number in order to gain access to your account.


For payment of the Monthly Dues please make checks payable to Silver Mountain HOA and mail to the address below:

Silver Mountain HOA
c/o Coldwell Banker Commercial Prime Properties
131 N. 6th Street, Suite 300, Grand Junction, CO 81501

$300 Annually
Thunder Mountain Elementary School
Grand Mesa Middle School
Central High School

The HOA is responsible for:
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