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Spruce Up Your Space Pt. 1

By Gloria Tafoya
Posted: March 18, 2019 by Gloria Tafoya

"Your home should tell the story of who you are & be a collection of what you love."

 Whether your interior design consists of succulents & mirrors, tapestries & crystals, or books & cozy blankets, make sure your home makes you feel uplifted emotionally & spiritually. As the weather warms up & we are 2 days shy away from Spring Equinox, it's time to say goodbye to winter blues & say hello to fresh flowers & a blissful breeze! I'm excited to roll out this new series packed with themed Home DIY Inspiration in this time of transition! Make sure to check back every Monday!

- Let's get started! -

 If you're missing the "green thumb" gene (me!) this is a fun & easy way to decorate with real plants. Most succulents only need to be watered once a week/every 10 days  (make sure to check the care instructions for your selected plants!) Customizing your own terrarium controls how many plants you'd like to tend to & can be made to fit your atmosphere.

Kitchen wall decorations made simple & useful. If you have a drawer full of baking tins, lets put them to use! Place your tin on a hard surface & a plastic sheet on top forming a semi shape of your tin. After using super glue to glue the sheet to your tin, add your stones & gravel for water drainage. Finally add a layer of potting soil & plant your herbs!

For the tiny treasures you want to display, try a DIY hanging shelf. A few more materials needed for this DIY that include a wooden board(s), rope cord, metal rings, scissors, a saw, & a drill. 
Drill two holes on opposite ends of the board, cut two pieces of cord (leave room for knotted ends), fold two pieces in half & place the folded end underneath a metal ring. Pull the folded end over the ring then pull the rest of the cord through the loops. Create a secure knot through the metal ring, pull each strand through the drill holes (repeat on both sides), adjust lengths to desire & securely tie knots under the board. 

Let me know your favorite Home DIY Projects!! 

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